Air bubbles in the liver

Another step forward has been taken. We are closer to the real personalized 3D liver model that is to be of use during the laparoscopic oncology surgeries.

On Thursday (November 26), a group of us – Sonia, Jan, Grzegorz, Artur and Maciej – have met at the Garage’s room to prepare the models of vessels and transparent liver parenchyma. We have considered the use of a variety of different transparent materials, weighing up all their advantages and disadvantages.

The problem is, we look for an easily available, convenient, safe for medical use and tough material, having at the same time the parenchyma-like softness. Three models have been made. Also, we have rethought the way of crafting a real liver model and have slightly reconsidered our plans. Conclusions?

  • we should figure out how to get rid of the air bubbles
  • we need to find an appropriate material
  • we have to improve the virtual 3D models of vessels

Next week, we hope to meet again and learn more about creating virtual 3D models from DICOM files and to plan next steps on creating a proper real size model.



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