Conference: Dynamics of biological systems: from viruses to populations

We are happy to announce that we are hosting an online conference titled “Dynamics of biological systems: from viruses to populations“. This is a continuation of the series of Biological Complexity in Cracow meetings and is hosted by the Garage of Complexity, Jagiellonian University. In the scientific committee Katarzyna Dziedzic-Kocurek, Jakub Mielczarek, and Marcin Zagorski are taking care of it along with the local committee members: Richard Ho, Adela Staszowska, Maciej Majka, and Damodar Rajbhandari. The conference will be virtual and starts from 23, 24, and 25 of this September. All talks will be available through Microsoft Teams. We plan to have virtual chat rooms to comment on the talks. The number of participants will be limited to 200 participants due to technical capabilities.

The main purpose to host this event is to gather together researchers working in the fields of quantitative biology and physics. The focus of the conference is to discuss the spatio-temporal properties of various biological systems. We want to highlight differences and similarities when biological systems are scaled up both in size and numbers. The conference contributions will be divided into five thematic sessions (viruses, bacteria, cells, populations, and medical biology), covering a range of topics like COVID-19, microbial communities, the evolution of drug resistance, developmental patterning, cellular mechanics, population dynamics, nonlinear dynamical systems, and emergent properties of biological systems.

So, we would like to invite you to register for this event for free at Remember that the deadline for the registration is September 15. If you are interested in the contributed talks then, we kindly encourage you to submit your abstract for which deadline is set to September 15.

We’ll also create a video contest where everyone registered might submit a 30-second movie illustrating the dynamics of biological systems. It can be a real-life phenomenon captured with a phone or computer-rendered visualization which aims for creativity! Upload your movie to the Google Drive (or any cloud drive), generate a link, and send in an email with 2-3 sentences describing the movie to and The most inspiring and mind-blowing videos will be awarded prizes!

With these notes, I would like to close this post. See you at the conference 🙂

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