Garage of Complexity The Jagiellonian University Makerspace




We believe that, in Poland, there exists an untapped potential for innovation and collaboration.





Our aim is therefore to unleash this energy by empowering both students and the faculty of the Jagiellonian University.



The Garage of Complexity strives therefore to be a place which enables all members of the University community to start, engage and participate in potentially interdisciplinary projects of a wide variety. It is the Jagiellonian University makerspace in the making.  We encourage learning by doing while preserving a welcoming, dynamical and work oriented atmosphere. 






We are a part of the Mark Kac Complex Systems Research Centre at the Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Applied Informatics of the Jagiellonian University. 










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We have equipment

Computers, 3D printers, basic tools, Arduinos etc. are at your disposal. We are constantly expanding the list of things available.




We have and obtain funding

If you need something specific for your project in the Garage, we are able to buy it. Additionally, we can advice and help you in writing a grant proposal or contact you with an investor.



We provide workspace

We are based at the heart of the new university campus, in the Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Applied Computer Science building, in room F-1-06. You have acces to the room as long as you are part of a team of an ongoing project.




We facilitate collaboration

We cooperate with individual scientists and teams in different departments both inside and outside the Jagiellonian University. If you’ll need a specialised lab we will be probably able to arrange it. Additionally we collaborate with private companies and venture funds. Finally we are in alliance with the JU Technology Transfer Centre CITTRU and the JU Academic Incubator.






Find out more about the Garage of Complexity by reading this Alma Mater article (in polish).





Every first Friday of the month we all meet (at 16.00 in F-1-06) to discuss various topics including the problems we face with ongoing projects.



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