Progress on liver 3D printing


This Thursday (19/11), the group coordinating the 3D printing for pre-surgical planning project gathered at the Garage to solve a few issues, work on the CT scans and prepare a plan for the next few weeks.

Piotr, Grzegorz, Maciej and Janek were:

  • altering our 3D printer settings to improve calibration and precision of printouts
  • experimenting with the resin volume needed & correcting printer preparation techniques

Also, after analysing our DICOM CT scans, we decided to work on the them a while longer and recreate a 3d .stl file. That is, the task for our group, for the next few days, isto kick off the next week with a ready-to-print model.

We planned our next actions, including the incoming 2016 local science conferences. We’ve set a few strict deadlines, one of which is to have our 3D liver printed by the end of the year. Meanwhile, we are investigating topics of liver surgeries and hepatic cancers deeper, working in association with II Chair of Surgery in The University Hospital in Krakow.

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