The first Friday meeting of this academic year is behind us.

Here is what happened:

  • Kuba, the coordinator of the Garage of Complexity opened the meeting.
  • Artur and Kasia talked about their experiences at the Life Science Open Space Krakow 2015 which they attended with Sonia. Their participation was funded by the Garage of Complexity.
  • Prof. Maciej Nowak explained our new formal status as a part of the Mark Kac Complex Systems Research Centre and expressed his support for the Garage.
  • Prof. Gudowska-Nowak talked about possible opportunities for research in her teams labs at the Malopolska Centre of Biotechnology.
  • Przemek advertised his project named Digitalizing human emotions in the virtual worlds and then we visited his Interface Laboratory.
  • MichaƂ talked about his recent adventures in the world of art and neural networks.
  • Piotr, presented the new Garage of Complexity website.
  • Kuba and Piotr recapitulated their latest meeting with 3DGence concerning the 3D Bioprinter project.
  • Piotr closed the meeting.

It took us 3 hours this time but it was all inspiring. Below are some photos from the meeting.





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